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Textbook is inspired by Man Ray's "Untitled poem, 391, no. 17 (1924)," where lines of text are blacked out so that the original words are no longer readable. In our piece the words are spoken through a randomized set of tones over a backdrop of processed voices. The tones are represented by dots moving across the page, and the voices are represented by a circle and a square. Layers of sound can be mixed and panned and the rhythm can be regularized. This alteration in the sound is represented by visual cues, such as thickening lines, resizing shapes, and placing objects.

Using the mouse, interactions can be accomplished through clicking, dragging, and combinations of these actions.
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Compound Pilot is a series of collaborations in web art and interactivity. The beginning experimentations use flash's capabilities in graphics in combination with sound manipulation. Among the interactive parameters are shape, color, volume, and panning. Sometimes there is a direct correlation between the sonic and the visual elements, and in other cases this relationship is not so acute.

The goal of Compound Pilot is to create an interactive environment that will also be incorporated into performance and installations. The project began in May, 2004 and the first experiment went public in July. Its cousin site,, is in the works and will be devoted to all things red.

Compound Pilot is Marshall Jones and Jonathan Zalben. Marshall is a graphic artist and new media designer, while Jonathan's background is in music composition and interactive multimedia.

Using the mouse and keyboard as the interface, interactions can be accomplished through keystrokes, clicking, dragging, and combinations of these actions. One goal is to adapt the material on this site for live performance and installation which can utilize different forms of participation in the artwork. A DVD of some of the work was presented as part of Harvestwork?s Surround Sound Series in August, 2004.

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Rhizome Artbase (, 2005
Seoul Net Festival (
Chaise DVD Magazine, Issue 2 (, 2005
Harvestworks Surround Sound Presentation, 2004