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A labyrinth of online flash movies. Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter (Goddess of the Harvest) moves between the world of air and light and the underworld of gas and dark because, since eating pomegranate seeds, which are the food of the dead, she is bound to Hades. Not only does she live between the upper and lower worlds, both inside and outside the earth in the realms of the living and the un-living (she is Queen of the dead), but she also has two names: Persephone and Kore. As Persephone she is intrinsically sound taken from the Greek word, perse, meaning in itself and phone, meaning voice, sound and combining form. And as Kore she is girl. Girl and sound come together. Persephone, then, has more than one identity or mode in which to be, and each name refers to her inherent multiplicity.
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Christina McPhee's electroacoustical soundart has most recently been heard at En Red O 2001 THE SOUND THING Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona . 47REDS, a netart elegy, is the featured work at for March 2002.Her transmedia work 47REDS/smashlounge will debut as digital performance in September 2002 at California Museum of Photography/University of California-Riverside. She created Naxsmash a digital performance video for Moon Base Gallery, Vancouver in November 2001, in connection with Digitalis, an international invitational of digital prints.

Shane Carroll's work features real time and multi-user environments, with an emphasis on data-driven displays. His projects have received accolades and awards from Silicon Graphics, Prix Ars Electronica and the Warsaw Music Festival.