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Sonicforms an open source research platform for developing tangible interfaces for audio visual environments. The aim of the project is to improve this area of musical interaction by creating a community knowledge base and open tools for production. By decentralising the technology and providing an easier entry point, artists and musicians can focus on creating engaging works, rather than starting from the ground up.
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Chris O'Shea is a creative technologist and electronic artist based in London. His interests are in creating physical audiovisual environments using open source processes and appropriated technology. Last year he became a First Class Honours graduate in MediaLab Arts at the University of Plymouth, and was also a part-time Research Assistant at the Institute of Digital Art & Technology (i-DAT). Chris currently works at AllofUs, is creating new work for, is involved in co-ordinating Cybersonica and writing for

chris o'shea : awards & exhibitions

Awards:[2005] British Interactive Media Awards, Shortlisted for Sonicforms Submerge Graduate Awards, 2nd Place Innovation Being Digital Award, MediaLab Arts / Institute of Digital Art & Technology Exhibitions:[2005] Submerge, showing Sonicforms, Bristol England. Web3D Symposium, Web3DArt showing Cybrid Landscape, Bangor Wales. [2004] Susan Boafo - An Infinity of Things, technical production of video installation, Plymouth. IBeam the Dancers Edition, co-curated, Plymouth. Arch-OS Bootup, display of Cybrid Landscape, Plymouth. Talks: [2005] Dorkbot 33, London International Computer Music Conference, Barcelona F.A.V.E, Bristol Exploiting Potential, Submerge, Bristol. OFFF, Barcelona. Cybersonica / Soundtoys Symposium, London.