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Spinne is networked audio installation consisting of four sculptures.
The piece contains two parts; the core of the piece is a program functioning in the internet. The other part contains a physical installation shown in an exhibition space.
The piece has four software programs, which are little search engines known as web-spiders. They are searching for predefined words in defined online newspapers. The results of this search are continuously modifying the audio-scape, which is coming out of the loudspeaker-sculptures. Each "web-spider"-program in the internet has a corresponding physical spider-sculpture in a gallery. Each physical spider is presenting the results from a specific online newspaper via audio.
The core of the piece lies in the custom designed software, which is continuously generating new results based on the amounts of the searched/found words in the web. This is heard as a changing spacial soundscape.
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laura beloff
erich berger

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the work spinne has been exhibited;
Sonar 2002 -Spain, Electrohype 2002 -Sweden, Russian Museum 2003 -Russia, Gallery Otso 2003 -Finland, Trondelag Kunstsenter 2004 -Norway. It received an honorary mention at VIDA 5.0 competition.