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Ar:e Rea_dy to ha-Bi/tate and prop>a)) gate >>>>>


Commissioned by stanza for the site.
Money suplied by artscouncil via Cybersonica for 2007.

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arkteria : about iZz DeriVed FroM_ A GenErA_tivE E_xpeR_imenTal P_roCe..Ss oF A K_odE So ZimPl_E (aZ) a >dot< aN_d >a< LinE Kon_fiGurEd (in) a Ztr_ok_e Tha_t Flow_s To>wardZ aN entity No_t BasE_d >upOn >a< Pre>conce/;>ivED =Idea. A> P_roCess , Under ConstRuK_T_io/n ,/ a Konc_epT//ual LuD:ic Krea_tion Tha_t Deri>ves Fr_om >a< Sym>bioss ofF Bei_ngs Gro_uped in an Org=an_ized Be>ing (((me))), Tha>T /E_x>_PreSs The_mZelVe_s o_utWar>dlY F_lo/wing F_rOOm The Onn>iric U:_nConZciouZ Vizz.eral Zta/te /to a KonKr/ete >one< Zo aZ t_o Re-pre>Zent Them>selVe//s >in< T:_hE DiGit/al Z-p_AacE anD I_nfeK_t Thro>ugH_ in!Te_r_A.Kt/ion OF In_diVi:dua>lZ .or. Ne-T_ize_nZ OF>the;_rG_an.i.Z_eD B_ei_nG in Koll_ectiV:e SIm;B_io_sis The N_et. KuiDA/Do

arkteria : awards & exhibitions

Arcangel not) JuZt Zhare.s thE ProJect Mass.iv/ely The Web) ZinZe 1997, //but> hE Pre:ZentZ Kon.ceRt.s of>Zes, a uN.iKue Akt, sui generis, Inter/pre.tat_ion (in) real ti_me. > has PreZ.ent>ed Arou.nD the> Wor_ld {in} di.ff.erent Scen_arioZ, .su+ ch. as: NeW .Ci/NeMa and New Me..dia/ Fes-ti=val in Mon.T.real, The Cy/ FeZti.val in Bil>bao, thE In:ter_faZe FeZ/ti/vaL .in. ((the)) Zi_ty Th_ea_ter >of/ Pue.bla, iN_ thE FamoU.s Kl.ubZ of Mel.kweg aNd Pa-radiZo in AM.Zterdam, atDEAF In V2 amsterdam, thE Be.>ni>cassim FeZ/tival in BarZeloNa, aNd feZti]vals in It.aly, Uru.guay, Argen.tina, Puerto.Rico, Ger.many, Ko.rea, Pe>ru and the U/nited/ ZtateZ. In Me>xico Zity, Arc>angel PreZent>ed: a live eVent in the roOof of the CaRR>illo Gil MuZeum, in FeBrua>ry of 2000; a biG inZta>llation in Zentro NaZio>nal de las ArteZ, Pro>duZed by Centro Multi>Me.dia; ; a Pu>bliK KonZ>ole in the Show Im>age & Sound in Labo>RatoRio Arte AlaMeda & zkm ; an inZ.tall>aTion at In:orGniKa; and alZo, aN inZTa>lla.tion At MuZeo de Arte MoDerno )and( thE CECUT in Ti>ju>ana,ANd Part of The Za>ln Ban>Komer. a InterventioN To A japanes Trolebuz gallery at colonia Ro>MA MExi{ko cIty> Ark/Teria had par:Ti>Zip/ated [in]Pub/liKat_ions -and ob/tained an Hono>rific Men/tion in the Cy>net-art FeZ/tival in Ger.many. has been publiZhed the //firZt Ka]taloGue of the pro///J}ect, which Kon-tainZ 102 pa>ges 52 Kolor Pages illus^^tra//ting the New Khara/cters and 52 in Yell}ow paGes Black /texts//