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Prosthetic Component Interface Series

Prosthetic Component Interfaces are participatory media objects. PCI playfully simulate the interfaces of futuristic, electronic components in pixel form, similar to the interfaces in an application?s GUI or a home stereo. The PCI respond to the user's exploratory mouse actions with pixel mechanics and sound. Without any practical application, the PCI function like "interface candy? or audio-visual toys, similar to an infant?s interactions with a toy. The PCI Series involves discovery and the user's performative, improvisatory organization of sonic and pixel forms. Fisher-Price describes their Bee-Bop Buildin'? Spinning Tunes Activity Table? for children nine months and older as, "Spinning discs, fun music, silly sound effects, and lots of activities add excitement to stacking and building fun! " The Prosthetic Component Interface Series function similarly- for children nine months and older?

Audio-visual design: Andrew Bucksbarg
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Feed Me

Feed Me is a work in progress. Feed Me will be a group of six unstable portraits of babies eating, which utilize persistence of vision to morph and destabilize still images of baby feeding frenzy. Feed Me incorporates simple mouse clicks to interact with the audio-visual space, short circuiting the relations between parent (feeder) and child (eater) and the image of the child with the user or participant. The mouse click represents both interaction with content, as well as the interaction of the user with the child. These net pieces question visual representation and call on the viewer to regard their relationship to the content. They are hungry, will you feed them?

Example One:

Example Two:

Example Three:

Artist credits: Visual Design/Photography-Andrew Bucksbarg, Sound Design- Aerostatic (Michele Darling and Terry Golob)

Andrew Bucksbarg spends hours involved in ?media-play;? integrating animation, audio, participation, text, video and vocalization. As an independent culture producer, Bucksbarg uses digital technology to compose hybrid textures and plays of sensation that investigate intentions and accidents of independent/non-profit creativity and culture, information/process/code, techno-utopia, regimes of power and net.democracy. Bucksbarg is the Executive Director of, a media-arts organization, which sponsors various projects, such as and Bucksbarg received an M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts and is currently a Professor of Telecommunications at Indiana University. His work travels both physically and digitally around the globe.


Michele Darling explores electronic and organic sound and music and it's relationship to visual media. Located in New York City, Darling has been a composer and sound designer for Sesame Workshop's Interactive department (the former Children's Television Workshop). She is a former sound designer for 4Kids Entertainment which produces Pokemon and Yugioh among other televised animated series. Darling has received degrees from the Indiana University School of Music and New York University's Graduate Music Technology program.? Currently, Darling performs with composer Terry Golob under the name Aerostatic and is a co-founder of 40 Lizards, Inc, an independent media organization.

Terry Golob utilizes artefacts of sound generated by digital and analog processing in conjunction with a variety of interactive technologies to compose and design audio environments for film, installations and music performance.

Terry lives, composes, and performs in NYC with Michele Darling under the name Aerostatic.

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andrew bucksbarg and aerostatic : about

Andrew Bucksbarg and Aerostatic (Michele Darling and Terry Golob).Andrew is an artist, experimental interaction designer, audio-visual performer and a professor in the Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University. N_DREW ’s work and interests reverberate in the space of new technology/media practices and theory. As an experimental interaction artist, N_DREW concerns himself with technologies and social systems that support tactics of ambiguous, autonomous social creativity and exchange.
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dLux Media Arts, The Sydney Opera House, Australia - Media Art Festival Friesland, Netherlands - Rhizome ArtBase