2005-07-25T12:40:42Z A brief history of Audio Jacket and other electronic clothes 2005-07-25T12:32:08Z Art after the Networks Communication Media 2005-07-25T12:27:59Z Audio Art in the Deaf Century 2005-07-25T12:44:17Z Audio Visual Synthesis 2005-07-25T08:27:39Z But Is It Art? An essay on the impact of computers in art. 2005-07-25T08:04:21Z Cooling Hot: redundancy and entropy in a critique of interactivity 2005-07-25T08:13:42Z Day Jobs 2005-08-24T21:15:18Z Digital Tempest: immanence and transcendence in multimedia installation 2005-08-08T13:05:08Z Hard Work At Play: An Analysis Of The Success Of Interactive Music For The Home Computer 2005-07-25T08:30:03Z Human Computer Interfaces; Emerging Technologies. 2005-07-25T08:14:57Z Knitting and Luddism: a review of Xurban's Knit++ 2005-07-25T12:36:17Z Net Baroque 2005-07-25T11:56:12Z NIO & The Art of interactive audio for the Web 2005-07-25T08:07:36Z Processor Art - Currents in the Process Oriented Works of Generative and Software Art 2005-07-25T08:31:46Z Random Abstract: Experiments in form and sound 2005-07-25T12:26:05Z Telegraphic Language 2005-08-30T10:52:16Z The 'NEW'ish Aesthetics Of Inter-active Audio Visual Painting 2005-07-25T08:10:53Z The Economics of Electronica 2005-07-25T08:23:29Z The History of Convergence, The History of Electronic Music 2005-07-25T12:30:14Z The intersection of art and interactivity 2005-07-25T08:05:34Z Towards an Aesthetic of The Interactive (CADE remix) 2005-08-18T22:18:25Z Ade Ward interview with Soundtoys 2005-08-18T22:18:25Z Agricola de Cologne interview 2005-08-18T22:18:25Z Amy Franceschini, Founder Futurefarmers: Cultivating Your Consciousness 2005-08-18T22:18:25Z Andrew Bucksbarg interview 2005-08-18T22:18:25Z Andy Greenwood interview 2005-08-18T22:21:31Z Andy Huntington interview 2005-08-18T22:24:18Z Antoine Schmitt 2005-08-18T22:30:09Z Barry Smylie 2005-08-18T22:32:33Z Benjamin Louis 2005-08-18T22:36:41Z Beth Carey interviewed by Soundtoys 2005-08-18T22:39:19Z Beth Porter & Guy Denning interview 2005-08-18T22:42:52Z boredomresearch: Vicky & Paul 2005-08-18T22:52:08Z Brad Todd interview 2005-08-18T22:54:12Z Brian Judy 2005-08-30T10:48:43Z Carla Diana Interview 2005-08-30T10:54:39Z Chris Yewell 2005-08-30T10:56:45Z Christina McPhee 2005-08-30T10:57:39Z Colleen Tully 2005-08-30T11:06:54Z Detlef Bursiek 2005-08-30T11:10:49Z Enrike Hurtado 2005-08-30T11:17:37Z Eric Deis 2005-08-30T11:23:17Z FLX 2005-08-30T11:27:11Z Glorious Ninth Interview 2005-08-30T11:29:15Z Gregoire Cliquet 2005-08-30T11:30:02Z Hidekazu Minami 2005-08-30T11:31:46Z Ian Andrews 2005-08-30T11:39:10Z Jason Nelson 2005-08-30T11:40:02Z Jeff Wookey 2005-08-30T11:42:10Z Jey Malaiperuman 2005-08-30T11:42:32Z Jim Andrews 2005-08-30T11:43:34Z John Woodward 2005-08-30T11:44:02Z Julian Baker 2005-08-30T11:51:02Z Luigi Pagliarini 2005-08-30T11:54:02Z Michael Szpakowski 2005-08-30T11:55:01Z Michiel Knaven 2005-08-30T11:55:35Z Pall Thayer 2005-08-30T11:56:10Z Paul Webb 2005-08-30T12:14:39Z Peter Luining 2005-08-30T12:16:02Z Peter Traub 2005-08-30T12:16:41Z Rain Ashford 2005-08-30T12:17:22Z Rick Mullarky 2005-08-30T12:17:56Z Robert Atwell 2005-08-30T12:27:22Z Sascha 2005-08-30T12:26:56Z Sergi Jorda 2005-08-30T12:28:01Z Shirin Kouladjie 2005-08-30T12:29:38Z Squid s o u p 2005-08-30T12:37:18Z Stanza 2005-08-30T12:38:19Z Thor 2005-08-30T12:38:56Z Tina LaPorta 2005-08-30T11:00:36Z Tom Corby & Gavin Baily 2005-08-30T12:39:38Z Tomoo an artistic way? I was a system engineer. I didn't respond to the net in ...]]> 2005-08-30T12:40:28Z Toshi Endo 2005-08-30T12:42:29Z U Sun 2005-08-30T12:43:44Z Yoshi Sodeoka