toxi toxi Macronaut 2003 2003-05-09T00:00:00Z 2006-01-12T15:00:14Z
also available as offline standalone:

os9: macronaut.sit.bin

osx: macronaut_osx.sit.bin

The Well 2002 2002-05-22T00:00:00Z 2005-10-21T11:14:34Z
imagine you're inside a very deep & dark well, near the water surface. everything is calm until you start making noises/screaming for help etc... the water surface suddenly starts coming to live by your reactions, ripples or tsunamis appear, strange objects and sounds, voices, whispers emerge from underneath, surrounding you, then slowly floating towards the daylight far above you...

so far i only managed to do the mesh deformation based on the sound input, but i'm quite impressed about it myself and think this will actually work as installation... objects and sounds will be triggered by certain frequencies and amplitude peaks of the input. the user will be able to control the view with the mouse (e.g. looking up towards the light). ideally, the piece will need a dark and initially quiet environment. speakers (rather than headphones only) are needed too, so that the triggered sounds will feedback into the input... any chance to get a small projector? ;) sooo, - the idea is, even though the initial situation seems quite creepy, one might actually have some fun and start enjoy staying in this place... i'm also thinking to record random bits and use these sounds later on - so the whole thing becomes like a "well of memories" - depending what people are going say...]]>